Equality Plan

At Soler Hispania, S.L. we are committed to equal opportunities between women and men in a real and effective way in the globalized society in which we live. That is why we have developed and implemented our equality plan.

Consequently, we have developed a tailor-made plan for our company that is flexible and is characterized by being collective and integral, as it aims to have a positive impact on the situation of both women and men. In addition, it is also transversal, because it involves all areas of the company, and dynamic because it is progressive and subject to constant change as a result of the instability and uncertainty of the environment in which we live.

We are going to direct our efforts to: identify the possible inequalities existing in our Company; adopt measures aimed at avoiding any type of employment discrimination; and establish mechanisms that contribute to the normalization of labor conditions and opportunities for all members of our staff.

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