Messengers of Peace Foundation

We know the problems that surround us and we want to do our best to solve them. From Soler Hispania we collaborate with the Messengers of Peace Foundation.

In its origins, Messengers of Peace focused its activity on creating homes to accommodate children and young people deprived of family environment by offering them a human and social development with family values, thus preventing their institutionalization and marginalization.

Before the aging of the population, Messengers of Peace also began to help older people to fight loneliness by creating the Golden Phone where thousands of older people are heard today. It also manages several nursing homes, improving the quality of life of the elderly and promoting care based on promoting autonomy with active aging through individual care programs. For this, the Golden Age Messengers of Peace association was created.

Little by little, Messengers of Peace has continued to expand its activities with more sectors of the population and also began with women victims of gender-based violence and their children in houses destined for this purpose.

We want to thank the great humanitarian work that our dear friend Father Angel has been promulgating for many years since his Peace Messengers Foundation, we know that there is no way to help all we could but we try to contribute our grain of sand coming from all the material necessary to the shelters and social canteens that need it so much, we hope that all the crockery, knives and household items we provide will be a help for all those people who need it so much and can help us continue the work of our friend and better person.

Thank you very much for all the good you do Father Angel

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